Teacher Podcasts


1. Checking to see what students still need to complete your SAGE test in the ORS system.

2. How students login to use the ipad when testing with SAGE summative or a practice SAGE test.

3. How students login to the SAGE summative site on a computer.

4. How to set up a practice training test on SAGE.

5. How to login to your SAGE account and check your class rosters to see that you have all your students.

6. How to use some of the SAGE formative resources.

7. How to start a SAGE summative exam.


1. Setting up reflector- Hold your iPad while you walk around the room and reflects its contents to the projector.

2. Unblock a website- How to use your teacher authorization code to unblock a website.

3. Download a video clip from Youtube.

4. How to take a screen shot of an image on your computer.


1. I set up my class but my students can not see the course?

2. Who are the students in my class?

3. How can I see just the students in my class and not in all the sections?

4. How do I create an assignment?

5. How do I create a discussion?

6. How do I create a quiz?

7. How do I create a content page with video from Youtube?

8. How can I import a quiz or other content from one class to another class?

9. How do I create a module?

10. How to copy information/quizzes from one teacher account to another teacher account.

11. How to create an event on my calendar (students will be able to view this on their ipad and see when assignments are due and tests are scheduled).

12. How to manually reorder my assignments.

13. How to use speed grader when grading online assignments.

14. How to email my entire class.

15. How to copy a course from semester 1 to semester 2.

16. How to create test banks in Canvas.